Possible Risks

Risks of bronchoscopy include:

The use of the Coil may be linked to possible risks, in addition to the possible complications of bronchoscopy:

Alternative Procedures

There are other medical treatments available.

There are a variety of therapies available to treat the symptoms of emphysema. Patient should be on optimal medical management (taking prescribed combinations of available drugs)  smoking cessation and exercise programs, as well as supplemental oxygen if needed, before considering endoscopic or surgical treatments. 

Two surgical procedures are: Lung Transplantation Surgery and Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS). Lung transplant surgery is an unrealistic option for many emphysema patients because there may be a shortage of available donor lungs and it is difficult to meet the selection criteria to receive a donor lung(s). LVRS is major surgery performed by a thoracic surgeon in an operating room. While one is under heavy anesthesia, surgery to remove a large portion of your lung tissue is performed, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay and post-operative recovery.

Your doctor may be able to tell you more about the potential benefits and risks of alternative therapies and interventions.