Driven by a passion to find solutions for unmet needs in pulmonary medicine, PneumRx was founded in 2004. The first patients were treated in 2008, and the product received the CE mark in 2010. 2011 was the first full year the endobronchial coil (EBC) treatment was available in Europe. In that same year, the company submitted a protocol to FDA based on the safety and effectiveness data from the studies conducted in Germany and the Netherlands. In 2012, EBC was one of two therapies selected by the French Ministry of Health for a new technology project (STIC) to prospectively evaluate the EBC in a randomised controlled trial with health economic analysis.

In January 2015, PneumRx was acquired by BTG plc. Headquartered in London, BTG is an international specialist healthcare company that is active in interventional medicine and specialty pharmaceuticals. Their current interventional portfolio includes site-specific treatments for severe blood clots including pulmonary embolisms, liver tumors, and varicose veins. These therapies are differentiated, minimally invasive, and marketed to specialist physician groups.