The PneumRx Coils are made of Nitinol, a biocompatible nickel/titanium alloy used in other common medical implants, such as stents. The Coils are pre-programmed in a double-loop shape. After being straightened for insertion into the lung, they gather up and compress the diseased lung tissue surrounding them, re-tensioning the airway network, as they recover their original shape.

The Coils intend to improve lung function in three ways:

The Coil procedure is an endoscopic procedure performed under conscious sedation or general anesthesia. Fluoroscopy is used to confirm visualization and deployment of the Coils. A full treatment involves two separate procedures, for each side of the lung, typically in either the upper or lower lobe pairs. A procedure involves placing approximately 10-14 Coils throughout the treated lobe, to achieve the optimal re-tensioning effects.

Each procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes, depending on patient anatomy and physician experience. Many patients experience symptomatic relief prior to hospital discharge. Bilateral treatment has been shown to increase magnitude and duration of clinical response, and should be scheduled 45-60 days following the first procedure.

A growing body of clinical and commercial evidence demonstrates that treatment with Coils may provide significant and sustained benefits in exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life for a broad population of emphysema patients.