Our flagship product, the PneumRx Coil treatment is intended to improve exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life for patients with severe emphysema.


How Coils Work?

A specialist in lung diseases called an Interventional Pulmonologist implants the Coils into your lungs using a bronchoscope while you are under sedation and comfortable. Patients treated with the Coils may experience significant improvement in exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life. We offer information about the Coil procedure so you understand the risks and benefits.

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Who Can Coils Help?

If you have been diagnosed with severe emphysema and are experiencing increased breathlessness even with your prescribed drug therapy, supplemental oxygen and breathing exercises, PneumRx Coils may be an effective treatment option for you. An Interventional Pulmonologist will evaluate you to determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. We provide resources that may help you discuss the Coil therapy with your doctors and your family to decide if the Coil treatment is right for you.

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Risk Information

As with any medical procedure, there are risks and complications associated with the bronchoscopy procedure as well as with the PneumRx Coil treatment. Additionally, the PneumRx Coils may not be available in every geographic area.

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