Patients considered for the PneumRx Coil treatment must have a diagnosis of COPD with severe emphysema and hyperinflation (air trapping inside the lungs).  Only a special lung doctor, called a Pulmonologist or Pneumologist, can run tests to determine the type of COPD and the severity of your condition.  Once a lung doctor sees you and decided you may be a candidate for Coils, they will refer you to a Interventional Pulmonologist to evaluate you for Coil therapy.

Patients that benefit the most from the Coil therapy have:

In published studies, patients with both lungs treated with PneumRx Coils experienced significant improvement in their exercise capacity, lung function, and quality of life which persisted well beyond one year after treatment.   

As with any medical procedure, there are risks and complications associated with the bronchoscopy procedure as well as with the PneumRx Coil treatment. Additionally, the PneumRx Coils may not be available in your area. Please read the important risk information below.