BTG Interventional Medicine

As medicine moves from major surgery to minor procedure, from the systemic to the local, no company endeavors to do more than BTG to help doctors in their quest to see more, reach further and treat smarter. Our growing family of innovators already equip clinicians with tools and techniques that would have seemed like science fiction only a generation ago.

PneumRx is now one of those innovative companies dedicated to developing minimally invasive medical devices for pulmonary disease.  Find out why BTG thinks Interventional Medicine is the place to be.

BTG Interventional Pulmonology

For over 10 years, PneumRx leadership and all of its employees have been devoted to supporting clinicians in their efforts to improve the standard of care in the management of severe emphysema. The PneumRx® Coil treatment, commercially available in Europe, is intended to improve exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life (data on file) for patients with severe emphysema, a form of COPD. The PneumRx® Coils are not approved for commercial sale in the United States, and are restricted by law to investigational use only in the U.S.

We are proud to be a pillar of BTG’s Interventional Pulmonology division.  To find out more click here.